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Currently, when a lot of people think of digital signature capturing the first technology that comes to mind is Public Key Infrastructure or (“PKI”). Nevertheless, the former guard of PKI will be a dying technology. PKI is actually a good solution with serious limitations that will impede and impede its own continued growth. PKI is truly both expensive to apply and expensive to maintain. PKI is actually also time-consuming. Professionals carry out not want to slow down the sales cycle to send someone to the third party certificate authority just to make a sale.

PKI authenticates but it fails to identify who a user is actually. The American Bar Association identified this kind of critical weakness in it's ABA PKI Assessment Guidelines, D.3.1.only two says “a pseudonym or alias may become used as the name within a certificate” but not their real name.

VeriSign, 1 from the largest PKI solution providers, admits inside their a piece of paper “ROI for PKI” that “PKI techniques are particularly expensive to maintain.”

A Better Solution

By giving power to the business rather than a third party certificate authority, PrivaSign can aid businesses attempting to comply with regulatory law and standards equivalent to the ABA Guidelines pertaining to electronic signatures.

The vast vast majority of electronic signatures are taken through a method called “click-wrap”. People use this particular method each and every time these people install new software program or decide to buy something online utilizing a credit score card. The system will validate their id and then require the user to simply click the “OK” or “I Accept” button to install the computer software or authorize a credit card exchange. The reason many people use the “just click-wrap” procedure is truly in it's simplicity. There is no training required and most subscribers get comfortable with the method after just one use. Click on-wraps have been tested in the courts by dozens of companies, including AOL-Time Warner, Microsoft, Netscape, Sun's heat Microsystems and Dell just to name a few. The technology necessary to use the product is built directly into web browsers so there will be no software package to install. Finally, it is actually significantly less expensive to maintain, install and procedure than old classic PKI technologies.

PrivaSign uses a patented, proprietary “click-wrap” method to capture the actual signature and the industry standard form of encryption known because Risk-free Socket Layer (“SSL”) technology, along with MD-5, SHA1 and SHA2 record honesty hashes to protect the PrivaSign clients’s data with a tamper proof seal. SSL is truly commonly available in virtually each and every web browser and the user is not going to need any special training or teaching to be able to use the service.

PrivaSign’ersus patented technology allows for fast digital signature capturing on virtually any document and through any web browser. It range of flexibility enables businesses to remain implementation fees at a minimum and increase the likelihood that signatories will probably be able to use the system.

By: Isaac Bowman

Isaac Bowman is truly Vice President with the Electronic and Digital Signatures International Standards Commission and a great IT business consultant. He graduated form UT of Dallas with the in Details Methods. Isaac Bowman seems to have published over 50 articles on electronic signatures and completed the largest online useful resource for electronic signature regulations and regulations.


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